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Percentage of foreigners in Berlin based on continent of origin

Percentage of foreigners in Berlin based on continent of origin

Berlin is an ever-changing city, constantly renewing itself and altering neighborhood dynamics. Everyone knows Berlin is a multikulti place, with more foreigners and expats calling this their home every year. It seems you can’t walk down the street without hearing two, three, four different languages pass by. But exactly how many Ausländer are actually becoming Berliners and where are they coming from?

There are about 518,969 foreigners in Berlin. That means that for every seventh Berliner, one is originally from outside of Germany.

In the past twelve months, 111 foreigners a day have moved to Berlin (and that number is higher than ever). Here are the top countries represented in Berlin.

Every fifth foreigner comes from Turkey at 100,203 people. Second in line at 48,756 is Poland, followed by 21,182 from Italy, 18,536 from Serbia, 18,431 from Russia, 17,150 from Bulgaria, 15,838 from France, 12,262 from Spain, 11,931 from Britain, 11,302 from Greece, and 10,224 from Austria.

In addition to that, the amount of Americans living in Berlin has more than doubled in the last ten years at 14,831 (the most of which live in Steglitz-Zehlendorf). However most of the new Berliners in 2012 came from Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Spain, and Great Britain.

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