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Simon Freund - SIMON&ME - 2

1. In one sentence – and we mean one sentence – what is it you do?
Selected menswear and hand picked goods made in Germany.

2. Why are you doing it in Berlin?
Berlin is the capital of Germany and has everything to offer to run my company.

3. Whats the best thing about doing it in Berlin?
The best thing about working in Berlin is that there are so many nice companies and people to work with.

4. Whats the worst thing about doing it in Berlin?
When living and working in Berlin you tend to forget the rest of the world.

5. Your favourite place for lunch is…
any good burger restaurant – such as Schiller Burger

6. If you had to leave Berlin within two hours knowing that you could
never come back what would you do in that time?
I would eat a burger with all of my friends.

7. Would you consider yourself an artist?

8. The last thing you have to say is:
Buy less, think more.

And now – if you want to find out more – check out this video about SIMON&ME: