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airplaneAre you a Swedish citizen who’s dying to become an echter Berliner? Well, Lufthansa is helping out, and all you have to do is change your name to Klaus-Heidi.

Lufthansa will not only pay for a one way ticket to Berlin, but they’ll also pay for an apartment for an entire year and help out with everything you need to live in Berlin. The competition is open to Swedish citizens of all ages.


If you become Klaus-Heidi and win, your plane will take off on January 1st and a private chauffeur will take you to your furnished, two room apartment in Kreuzkölln. You will also get a brand new bike from MyOwnBike.de so you can ride around the city properly. You will also be presented with the Berlin Welcome Card for sightseeing, a crash course in German, and two domestic flights to Frankfurt and Munich.


Once you change your first name to Klaus-Heidi (the most German name combination according to Lufthansa) and write a really good justification on why you want to and should become a Berliner, upload the documents to Lufthansa and wait to see if you’re the winner.

Find all the details and how-to’s here. The contest ends November 28th. What are you waiting for?