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As most of you may already know, Der Festsaal Kreuzberg was destroyed in a terrible fire started on Saturday, July 20th and carrying into the morning of the 21st. Der Festsaal Kreuzberg was founded in 2004 and has hosted a plethora of concerts, parties, and other events, becoming a staple among Berlin’s venues.

However, this beloved Berlin spot will not stay charred and burned. They need your help to raise money at the fundraiser, Phoenix Festsaal, for its reconstruction. The event is appropriately named after the phoenix, the bird from Greek mythology, which becomes reborn from the ashes of the one before it.

The event will be hosted at Postbahnhof with 3 floors plus an outdoor area. A huge list of DJs and musicians will perform live, and are presented by Kallias, Muschi Kreuzberg, Mit Vergnügen, Goldene 90er, Edition Festsaal, and BeatGeeks. Be sure to check out the event page to get the full set list.

Tickets went on sale August 15th. For tickets in advance (5 euros plus fee), click here or pay 7 euro at the door.

So join the party and support Der Festsaal Kreuzberg!

Friday, August 23 at 10pm
Straße der Pariser Kommune 8
10243 Berlin