MMX- Open Art Venue

Linienstraße 142/143, Mitte

Hours- Wed 12-22  Thu-Sun 12-19

Exhibition: June 4-July 9

Opening: June 4, 2010  18:00-22:00

Show IV opens on June 4, 2010 with a musical performance by the Canadian duo Trike. Tobias Sternberg continues his interactive piece Schadensorge in the garden, if you missed the life-sized mammoth in the tree then be prepared for more creatures. All the interior galleries transform.  Screening Program IV is curated by the MMX staff and includes works by Jesper Just, Annette Otto, Eric Fleischauer and Nicolas Provost. Last summer the Venice Biennial premiered the work of Uruguayan artist Pablo Uribe and this summer MMX brings Atardecer to Germany.