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Amano – one of the new hotels around Rosenthaler Platz (not naming the Easyjet Hotel, The Circus Hotel the XY Hotel etc.) flooding the area so tourists have a hub to the hip Mitte area was the location for the Mirapodo Launch Party last night. Mirapodo claims that you can return your shoes within 100 days and the shipping to your house (and back to Mirapodo in case the shoes don`t fit or you don`t like them) is free. There is a similar US Service complaining that they wish people would order more shoes even if they ship them back. It`s interesting how the German mindset will take that approach – order and try as many pairs as you want and if you don`t want them send them back! So order order order and – that`s what Mirapodo is betting on – keep not just one pair …

It was a quite interesting crowd, good atmosphere not too much “hippe mitte stuff” and a good place to be last night.

As much as we don`t like all these hotels shooting up like mushrooms if Amano can establish their downstairs Lobby for events like that it will not have been the last time we visit!