We are happy to invite you to MOTTO Berlin, Skalitzer Straße 68, on Saturday, April 18, 6:30 p.m., to a DIAMONDPAPER-presentation:

The Berlin based publishing house DIAMONDPAPER presents current titles, including artist books by Katja Strunz, Johannes Kahrs, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Thomas Scheibitz and Michael Schmidt; and launches the brand new book by cultural critic Krystian Woznicki:

“Who is afraid of community?

A dialogue with Jean-Luc Nancy” (ISBN 978-3-9811050-3-2). As a contribution to the current debate on the future of society, Diamondpaper starts with Woznickis book a new series of intellectual interventions in pocket book format. More about the book here.
After the presentation Dirk Dresselhaus alias Schneider TM plays new acoustic tracks, which he composed for the Ludwig & Glaser-Film “66/67“. A world premiere.

Skalitzerstr. 68
10997 Berlin U1 Schlesisches Tor